Hi there,

I always had very certain ideas about where my career would end up. After studying Fashion and English at university I would work in London as a journalist surrounded by all the diversity and culture that it has to offer, in a job that wouldn’t bring in big bucks but which would be satisfying, rewarding and something I was hugely passionate about. The reality was somewhat different and after becoming homesick at the end of University I headed back home to Jersey, fell into a career in finance and eventually settled into married life on the rock.

On my 35th birthday I suddenly awoke to the realization that I truly hated what I do, so I quit my finance job and started this blog to document my journey into the unknown. Writing on nineby5 has allowed me to embrace those things around me that I love; whether it be fashion, art, exercise or wellbeing and to explore the possibility of making big dreams a reality on a little island. Blogging has been my savior and my therapy and allowed me to forge a career as a freelance writer and create a platform from which I succeeded in making a career change late in life.

Join me as I explore a more rewarding way of life in Jersey and find happiness through my work. The goal is to make big city dreams work and fit into the small Island of Jersey, only nine miles by 5…..