An Exercise-holic on a Budget

With the income from my former very-well-paid-finance-job I fell into the habit of spending A LOT on exercise. Whilst I am aware that this is the one thing you can do for free, wherever and whenever I still find myself obsessing over different exercise disciplines to the point where I start to believe paying must give you better bang for your buck (or is that punch for your pound?!) Balancing family and a career means free time is precious and you want to do whatever it takes to ensure you are achieving maximum results in minimum time.

It starts with a gym membership, then you sign up to personal training to push you that little bit harder or to reach a personal goal, throw in the cost of running, boxing and other sporting clubs plus the odd yoga class whenever the mood takes me and suddenly feeling and looking your best comes at an astronomical price!

Not only is my wallet feeling the pinch now that I’ve just working a temporary job, but I’m suffering panic attacks that somehow my fitness will suffer to if I cant fork out loads on my array of fitness indulgences. Does paying more for our exercise produce better results? Can an exercise-holic really survive on a shoestring budget

Time to explore some money-saving ways to keep me fit...

Old Fashioned Style

Disband with all the bells and whistles and brave the elements by going for a run or a cycle. Need a competitive edge to your session? Sign up to the free mobile app Strava and start competing with your peers on the Island to win "King of the Mountain". Happy to compete just with yourself? Use another free mobile app, Map My Run, to chart your success and beat your last time. 


Park Run

If virtual competition isn’t enough for you, up it a gear and head along to Jersey’s own Park Run on Saturday mornings at Les Quennevais. Still within its first year, Park Run has attracted up to 250 runners of varying abilities to compete over its 5km course. Completely free and hugely popular, this is what Saturday mornings were made for!

Free Friends

If you’re feeling a little lonely and lost in the mass of 250 people then find a friend to train with. Worth their weight in gold, for a fraction of the price, a like-minded individual can become your very own personal trainer for free! Having someone with you will provide you with the motivation you need and ensure that you keep to training schedules. 

Home Comforts

Not quite free, but investing in some good fitness dvds for home exercise could slash the cost of a gym membership. At our house we have tried and tested the Insanity workouts and I’m a big fan as they allow you to adjust your workout and hike the intensity up over time in order to keep things fresh and varied. 

My latest discovery is Yoga Anytime, an online yoga studio streaming classes to your computer wherever you are in the world. At only £9 per month, you can pick and choose classes and discover the perfect yogi fit for you at a fraction of the cost of a group class anywhere in Jersey.


Let Work Foot the Bill!

There are hundreds of corporate events on offer in Jersey, see if you can convince a few of your work buddies to enter a team under your firm’s sponsorship. You may have to invest some time fund-raising sponsorship, but it'll be worth it when you beat your boss!

The Canaccord Corporate Cup 5km race series starts next week or there’s the Jersey Marathon, corporate netball events, squash leagues, or my personal favourite the Great Jersey Potato Sack Carry Challenge! There really is no limit.

Train for a Good Cause

Charities will offer places at large sporting events without the cost of an entrance fee as long as you commit to raising a minimum amount of sponsorship for the chosen charity. They also offer the sportsman plenty of support in the form of training regimes, regular pre-race meets, newletters and handy hints. Get a buzz from participating in some of the worlds most coveted events as well as helping out those in need. 

Check out these local charities: 

Anthony Nolan

Grace Crocker Family Foundation

Jersey Hospice Care


I'd love to hear any money-saving tips you have that will keep me on my toes and allow me to try something new!.....