A new vibe for Jersey


Move over local magazines, there’s a new contender on the rack! Plugging the gap between surfers mag and National Geographic for Jersey, Freevibe looks to showcase the very best talent in Jersey from the sportsmen and women featured on its pages to the writers, photographers and creatives producing the articles. Jersey isn’t short of a hero story or two, but don’t expect a lot of crossover with existing publications, as this venture aims to shine a spotlight on the underdogs of the Island. 

“I was encountering so many talented people in the sports world that weren’t getting recognition, so I was keen to create a channel through which they could share their story,” explains John Liot, one of the founders of Freevibe. A chance encounter between the photographer and Andy Ozouf of Ozouf Marketing and Advertising ignited a shared passion for creating a magazine and a longing to see certain aspects of Jersey life better represented. 

“We explored similar successful magazines based on the south of England and knew that this model would work fantastically in Jersey with all that the Island has to offer an outdoor adventurer.”

The team behind Freevibe: Jess Pinel, Ana Lilliana Shaw, Andy Ozouf and John Liot

The team behind Freevibe: Jess Pinel, Ana Lilliana Shaw, Andy Ozouf and John Liot

While you can expect to see plenty of beach features and recognisable landmarks, they will be looking to tread the path least explored, with features on martial arts, alternative and independent fashion brands on and off the Island and lifestyle pieces exploring Jersey’s culture. If Freevibe had a streamline it would undoubtedly read, ‘true talent doesn’t need a marketing team or sponsors to make it shine.’

Much more than a magazine, Freevibe looks to highlight the talent out there of contributing bloggers, photographers and writers. The underdogs of the creative world that may be starting out in their chosen profession or who maybe haven’t found a platform to success quite yet. With such an ambitious project, its important that those who work with or support the magazine understand this underlying objective. What goes on behind the pages is just as important as what is reflected on them, with the hope that the publication will create a close network of creatives ready to support and champion each other. 


The start of the Freevibe journey comes as John takes a step back from his own photography business, struggling to find his place in a crowded industry in Jersey. But rather than turn his back on an art form that is intrinsically a part of him, he searched out a way of funnelling his talent into a project that spoke volumes to him and those who he joined forces with on the magazine. “This is something incredibly close to my heart and which I’ve been working on for over a year now. We can only hope that our audience share the passion that has gone into creating Freevibe.” 

The free magazine will be printed quarterly in smaller numbers at first to establish its presence, but in-between will be supported with videos and fresh content on social media and the website, along with podcasts to explore stories in more depth and conduct interviews. “It’s a fresh approach to magazine journalism using all the avenues available to us today,” John explains. 

You cannot help but become swept up by the enthusiasm and excitement which the Freevibe team clearly have towards the venture. We want to see them win, thrive and make a business out of what they love doing because we all love a success story and because Jersey sorely needs a magazine like this. One with the courage to be different, one with true heart and soul. 

Photography by John Liot

Find out more about Freevibe on their website www.freevibe.co.uk