Beauty Queen

A trip to the Sisley counter in Voisins beauty department was a first for me in many ways. It was my first exposure to the Sisley range and the first interview that I have carried out whilst undergoing a transformation! It is here that beauty ambassador Fay Jacques works her make-up magic, talking me through her new role at Sisley, her long career at Voisins and how the move from banking to beauty has transformed her life and her face! Like all good fairytales, hers too starts with a soothing “now just close your eyes….."

Fay started her career in banking, something she has no regrets about as it led her to the island of Jersey and opened a lot of doors. But she spent too long dissatisfied and unhappy on this career path before feeling physically sick at the thought of going to work made her realise enough was enough and she promptly quit in search of something different. It was quite by accident that she stumbled across the vacancy in the Voisins beauty department and Fay was even more shocked when she landed the role with no previous experience. “I’ve always been able to talk a good talk,” she explains, “and I obviously had good skills in the organisation and administrative side of the role which was vitally important. My banking experience turned out to include a lot of transferrable skills.”

Her ‘something different’ quickly turned into a passion as Fay now celebrates her ninth year at the store, having spent eight working for Clarins before moving across to Sisley. Thriving off the people contact and relationships she builds, Fay loves working with a tangible product she can feel and mould and in an industry which she describes as more caring and people focused. It is with this renewed enthusiasm following her move that she talks about the new areas that working for Sisley has exposed her to; promoting a much more prominent fragrance range, adjusting to new make-up tools and marketing an unrivalled range of anti-ageing products so popular it nearly sells itself through reviews. 

Fay obviously excels at customer relations as she politely pauses our interview to consult with her regular Sisley customers who eagerly listen to her recommendations and beauty advice, naturally apologetic for the interruption. For a brand aligned with botanicals and using plant-based extracts it seems fitting that Fay is their face in Voisins as she is a natural in this environment. There is nothing false or commercial about her consultancy and she really does love to help her customers and believe in her products.

“It’s not without its stresses,” she admits, but for a girl that had dreams of being a dentist she couldn’t imagine doing anything else now and would never turn back. There is never a dull day in the beauty department, the role is very varied with a new focus, seasonal promotions and a new product or target area to promote. She talks me through all the products she uses and the avant-garde technology with confidence and a playful attitude, not afraid to admit when it isn’t right and starting over again to avoid the dreaded ‘drag queen’ look. 

Fay really has landed at the happy end of a fairy story and is glowing from it. I couldn’t decide if this was the work of a very talented make-up artist or someone that is shining from within? Fay sets me straight, explaining that she has definitely managed to turn back time from leaving a job which was causing her to age prematurely. “I look back at photos of myself and can’t believe how much younger I look now and that isn’t down to great skincare alone!”

With my new sun kissed look, some vital skincare advice and a bag full of Sisley goodies our time together comes to an end with a promise that I’ll be back soon to let Fay experiment some more of her products on me. 

To let Fay work her magic on you contact Voisins for a free consultancy session on tel. 01534 837164.