Getting Inside My Head

One of the new things I am trying out during my time off from work is meditation. Not in order to relive any stresses, but to learn the practice of taking a bit of time for myself. Practised regularly it is thought meditation can help you find greater clarity and focus in your working life and can improve self esteem and give you a greater appreciation for life. Perhaps by picturing myself with the perfect job it will come true!

Being mindful of yourself and everything around you, including food can also help improve your diet and control overeating, since you are reminded to focus on the sensation food provides you with hopefully being more aware of the sense of being full to prevent over-eating.

Mediation has lost a lot of its “hippy dippy” connotations these days and is a practice valued by people in most walks of life now. In fact, talking about it over the weekend with friends I was surprised at how many people already practise it for various reasons; health, achieving sporting goals and of course for stress, depression and anxiety.

One friend introduced me to the app Headspace, which helps you to fit in mediation in a modern busy lifestyle. Headspace is the brainchild of Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddist monk, who introduces you to the practice with 10 easy 10 minute free sessions. 

It is for the complete beginner with audio which guides you through what to do. It also provides you with reminders so you don’t forget to take time for yourself and delightful animation videos which are fun and informative.

I am not completely new to mediation, since I have practised yoga for many years now, but it is never something I have done in isolation or on a regular basis. Your mediation is very personal and with so many techniques you have to find the right one that works for you. What techniques do you find best?

I started out with my favourite Jo Malone candle, where you focus on the flame and are aware of the smell and sensation the candle delivers. Unfortunately I spent most the session sneezing from the fumes of the candle so haven’t quite found what works for me yet. Either that or I’m allergic to inner peace, which would explain a lot!