Happy Body, Happy Soul

I challenge anyone to live in the city of Sydney and not adopt a clean, healthy lifestyle. You practically trip over exercise everywhere you look and the city has embraced superfoods and healthy eating alternatives so much better than back in Jersey. I found myself collecting menus from various establishments to replicate the gorgeous superfood salads and high protein meals that we tried and tested!

Children embrace exercise and fitness at an early age, needing to be able to swim before they can start primary school. You can understand this since so much of their time is spent at the beach. We stumbled across this group of youngsters at a surf school on Manly beach.

The city is littered with parks, used for group exercise classes, running clubs and yoga fanatics, with fitness stations spattered along the pathways. “Bubbler” water fountains ensure that everyone stays hydrated in the extreme heat, with bowls at the bottom to cater for dog walkers. Where we stayed in Leichhardt there was a great 7km circuit called the Iron Cove Bay Run, one of only a few scenic routes made for pounding the pavement (check out Time Out's Top 10 Sydney runs.) I'm always eager to hear about great runs either in Jersey, or around the globe!

This feeling of wellbeing also extends to the workplace, since catching up with friends they tell us that the working environment is so much different to the UK, Jersey or any other cities. In Sydney, you work to live and not the other way round. There is no clamber in the mornings to make it into work; rush hour becomes a very civilised affair.

When the day is over you socialise with friends and family, but the last topic of conversation is ever what happened at work, that hat is left firmly at the office door. For somewhere where you spend 35% of your waking hours, it’s easy to become consumed by your job, no matter how much you may not wish it. I guess it takes conscious practice  to stop that happening when you don't live in Sydney. How do you manage to separate work and play?