Life In Limbo

Over the last couple of years I’ve become quite good at quitting jobs. The polite and respectful letter of resignation, the heartfelt thank you that accompanies your leaving presentation and of course the good ol' knees-up that constitutes the final goodbye. I’ve become so good at it that actually it makes me question the whole reason for leaving these roles in the first place! Why is it that as soon as your notice is handed in, everything seems so much more manageable than it did before? Why does living in limbo feel so good?

Notice periods are fantastic; same job, same salary, but suddenly the cloud of pressure and expectation is magically lifted. Suddenly that praise and validation you were searching for is offered up willingly with exclamations of “we’ll never replace you” and “can’t you rethink your resignation?” Left to carry out your role with little intervention, because of course who would excel at this time with one foot out of the door? There’s nothing left to gamble and the rules become somehow blurred. 

You can’t be fired and with all cards on the table your relationship with your employer becomes very honest, very real. You can discuss where things went wrong, what changes could be made to improve and experience has demonstrated that it is during this “in-between period” that I seem to produce my best work. I excel at being in limbo, in fact if they made a job out of being between employment I would be CEO!

Arriving at nine and leaving at five on the dot, its a carefree lifestyle savoured all the more because you know it just cant last! Committed to starting a new chapter and yet sorry to be leaving behind a role that simply wasn’t for you, life in limbo suits me down to the ground. Am I wrong to like this carefree life so much? Does anyone else love leaving jobs this much?

I realise that parting ways with your employer isn't always this pleasant or on such equal terms, maybe I’ve just been lucky enough to work at some great firms or with some equally great people. Or maybe I’ve just got really good at living in this limbo between roles. It’s a mixture of anticipation and trepidation when you don't really know what’s coming next, but the door behind you is now fully closed. It’s the edge of a cliff - top of the roller coaster – feeling, when you’re just waiting for that final push!

With one week left to go, I’m more than ready to take the jump…