Minquiers Uncovered

On a windy day in September some of Jersey’s most talented and ambitious minds decided to take a voyage into the unknown. Aimed at shining a light on the best businesses Jersey has to offer and the beauty of the Channel Islands themselves, the ‘Minquiers Uncovered’ trip was a celebration of friendship, skills and the power of collaboration. Move over ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and ‘Love Island’ as this cluster of rocks is about to get wild!

Spearheaded by creative agency Snap who cast their net wide to round up the most ambitious and salubrious guest list for the day including Jersey Sandman, Wonderlands Event Design, performance coach Michael Canas, Jersey Safaris and of course myself as a blogger. Because if you don’t blog about it - did it even happen?

Photos: Melissa Rodrigues

The seas parted for the arrival of the Jersey Seafaris ribs, uncovering unblemished white sandbanks laid out for our enjoyment if only for a few magical hours. Michael Canas got the party started with a yoga class, channeling the serenity of our surroundings and allowing us to fully appreciate the majesty of the Minquiers, if at times from an altogether different perspective! 

The afternoon was a content fuelled party with a range of professional photographers strutting their skills. BAM Perspectives took to the skies to beautifully capture the ariel views of the rocks and shallow waters, whilst seasoned pro Andy Le Gresley dove head first into the sea to snap a fish-eye perspective of the frivolity. Joined by Melissa Rodrigues, they effortlessly caught the spirit of the day - which was akin to having a snow day off from school, with less snow and much more sand!

Photos: BAM Perspectives

If there wasn't enough going on to whet your appetite, then The Goodstone was on hand to cook up a sumptuous Moroccan-inspired meal perfect for the shipwrecked. Chris Scott went all Bear Grylls on us, digging out his own campfire in the sandbank whilst right-hand women Anna Renouf of Wonderlands gave his food presentation a refined finesse. The bun to his burger, this partnership proved that great things happen when you band together - which become the motto of the whole trip. With no big marketing budgets, the day was a shining example of what can happen if you support your fellow islanders, even if they are in the same creative field - after all no one man is an island. 

If you’d ever wondered what you should take with you when marooned on a desert island, it would be these guys. With the boys from Stinky Bay Brewery supplying the beverages and the sultry sound of Annie Law singing on her guitar, the island felt more like Ibiza than a random sandbank in the middle of the English Channel. With the incoming tide lapping at our toes it was time to return to Jersey, with a speedy journey lit against the sunset complete with banging tunes and last-of-the-summer-holiday vibes. 

Photos: Andy Le Gresley

There was more beach games, paddle boarding and sand-wrestling than eliminations, evictions or tell-all scandals, but true to ‘Love Island’ fever I think I fell a little more in love with my home and the people on it than ever before. One unforgettable trip, told so many different ways through many creative eyes, with more to come from videographers Peter Taylor-Fitch and Callum Thorne (watch this space!) Minquiers Uncovered was the start of a magical concept for the team at Snap and their band of merry sea mates, the only question being when will we next be unearthing Jersey’s best hidden secrets. Where to next captain?