She Stole my Style!

Ever fawned over someones style without the courage to go and ask where they got it from? Not me! If I see a piece that makes my heart sing I have to go and quiz them to see if I can covet it for myself. A tricky approach living on a small Island as no one wants to walk down King Street to face a mirror image of themselves. But surely complimenting someone's style and wanting to imitate it is just a form of flattery? Stealing style - fashion do or fashion don’t? And if you do, are there rules in Jersey?

Every good fashionista will tell you style is there to be borrowed, stolen, revamped and revived! I'm always thrilled if someone asks me where I bought my clothes, but sadly the same is not true of everyone else. As part of my fashion course we often trawled the streets of London on projects, snapping looks we thought were inspirational and unique and asking strangers about their outfits. 

Most were accommodating, but there were also quite a number who were guarded over where they purchased their garments from. If you've got an eye for picking out beautiful clothes, coveted really hard to find pieces, or are naturally stylish at throwing them together - should you feel obligated to hand over your shopping tips?

At any event there's always an opportunity to be inspired, so whilst away on my yoga retreat I made it my mission to delve out the best pieces from everyone else’s suitcases! Want to see what I stole?...


Free as a bird, yoga guru extraordinaire Jennifer Moore exudes hippy zen in this kimono from her retreat travels in Bali. A bit far to pick up one for yourself, so you'll have to befriend her to borrow it!



Love this whimsical make-up bag by Lulu Guinness which doubled up as a neat clutch bag for Sophie Small. Maybe it’s the writer in me that drew me to this design! For similar bags check out here. 



Anna Hafsteinsson's outfit’s really popped with these red Castañer espadrilles from Matches Fashion. The perfect way to wear heels in the summer without looking too overdressed. Anna's snag is safe for the moment, since these are completely sold out!! 



Making a splash in these mermaid-esque yoga pants by Eagle Rock Werkshop, Christie Fitzmaurice was every inch the yoga style queen on the retreat. You'll be searching for your nearest yoga workshop once you check out the range of these stunning leggings online! Originally from the USA, we were all glad that Christie introduced us to some alternative American style.



Caroline Dutot caught onto the pom-pom trend in Ericeria and bought this straw beach bag from Bikini Kill which we were all fawning after. Best worn with shades, sunshine and sand!


Luckily all the girls were happy to let me snap their style on the retreat. But back in Jersey I have to adopt some ground rules. Don't wear pieces to places where the style originator will be. I wouldn't wear garments to work that I've stolen from work colleagues, they quite rightly owned the style first. Don't steal from the same person again and again. Once is flattering, ten times is just plain stalking!! 

Are you a style sharer or do you keep your closet doors firmly closed? I'd love to see your favourite style steals - who knows maybe I can steal them from you too!