Simple never tasted so good


Following the enormous success of the ‘Nude’ chain in Jersey, we all waited with bated breath and rumbling stomachs as the business re-imagined the beach café located at the bottom of La Haule hill. Promising to deliver us something a little different as part of their trinity of healthy food outlets, Nude Beach opened its doors last month and I for one, made sure that I was beach ready for them. 

The launch of the third Nude café was somewhat clouded in mystery. Apart from a smattering of images of bulging burgers and awe-inducing chips floating around social media, I didn’t really know what to expect from the café. On the opening week there was no online menu to whet your appetite, and I wouldn’t suggest that anyone googles ‘Nude Beach Jersey’ just yet, as you may get more than you bargained for! But all this only helped to create a hype around the café, with queues forming outside its doors one weekend when I stopped by. 


The café is small but perfectly formed, somewhat like its owner Lucy Morris, who was bustling around tables, happy to stop and talk to customers about the venture and how the launch was being received. The rest of her team were attentive and helpful, creating a relaxed atmosphere where no one was in a rush to eat and go. 

On the menu there were some familiar favourites from the chain such as the Poke, Buddha and Smoothie bowls, alongside new dishes like the Plant Burger and a fresh ‘Catch of the Day.’ There were also some more sophisticated offerings than we are used to from Nude, with scallops served with mint, chilli and fennel, and a lobster wrap with pickled cucumber and ginger standing out from the menu. It is definitely the more refined of the three outlets, with something of a bistro vibe, rather than that of a traditional beach café. 

I opted for the red lentil dahl, served with a spiced tomato jam, flat bread and a coconut and mint chutney - a bold move given the heat of the day. My friends went for a classic Buddha bowl and a chicken flatbread, and we couldn’t resist ordering a portion of what must be the chunkiest chips on the Island to share around the table. 


When our food arrived, I was taken back by the generous size of the portions, which were in themselves a form of art. Nude Beach gives you insta-worthy dishes that you just know are being shared around the Island as you read this. It’s the kind of food which you tell yourself you will start to prepare at home, but come crawling back when you realise you can’t do it justice! Simple never tasted so good.

Some will find it a bit pricey for beach cuisine, a burger and chips setting you back £15 and a rib eye steak at £27.50. But I think the price point of their menu presents a compelling argument. Shouldn’t we be paying a little more to eat better quality, fresh, and nutritious produce? Nude Beach demands death to mass-produced, fast beach food, and offers a long-overdue upgrade to those who are willing to invest in the concept. Given the queues – that’s more than a few!

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