So It begins.....

So it is with some trepidation that I finished my secure, well paying, and not-without-some-merits finance job on the eve of Christmas to pursue something which may grant me more job satisfaction and dare I say it, almost be enjoyable! 

I guess there is a sense of "its now or never" as I look to turn 35 in January and I cling to the hope that as an intelligent and already successful individual, there must be a place for me in Jersey doing something more rewarding. What that is exactly I cannot quite say at the moment but apparently I'm not alone as my friend quickly directed me to this article by Stylist all about those looking to change careers in their early thirties. 

Another good site I visited on the topic was, especially the comment that you won't find a job by looking for one! This makes sense if you consider that those competing for roles against you most likely have more experience and credentials to support their case and what you need to do instead is to meet the right people and sell yourself, your enthusiasm and your passion. This fed in a lot to starting this blog and keeping the momentum for the search going. 

Two key points stand out from these articles as starting points for my journey:

1. Work out what it is you love and are good at. For me this is writing, having creative input into a job and strength in communication.

2. Make a plan. (Believe me I had to have one to quit my job!) This involves taking a well earned break in Australia, having some free time on my return to explore career opportunities and possibly undertake work experience and then take a contract role in finance to support myself whilst I look for other opportunities. 

3. (I'm throwing this one in myself as it seems so crucial to my search, the "Jersey" factor). This beautiful Island I call home is not exactly abundant with diverse career opportunities. Just under 25% of jobs lie within the finance sector, those outside of this area being largely in wholesale and retail and then in the tourism industry. It changes the ultimate question slightly from "what is it that you want to do?" to "what is it you can do in Jersey"? (Vogue is yet to extend its editorial realm to the Channel Islands). 

I've had a lot of admiration for the decision I've made, with friends and colleagues saying they wish they were brave enough to make the same decision. Wouldn't it be nice to prove that it could actually work! Wish me luck.

I'd love to hear from others that have successfully made a move out of finance or switched careers late in their lives