A gym with soul

If you’re anything like me, whispers of a new gym opening in town will have been getting you a little titillated of late. It’s a small Island, so the idea of a modern gym pushing our fitness into the future is much like the second coming of Christ! With so much transition towards healthy living and investment being made in mental wellbeing as well as physical exercise, it was about time we had somewhere that catered for every element of our holistic demands. Club Soulgenic does this and so much more, it’s THE home to health, meeting the needs of dynamic and very busy millennials. 

Set over three floors, the Club is an impressive space. Three gym spaces divide the club and establish their proposition of combining ‘Vibe’, ‘Strong’ and ‘Burn’ workouts. These relate to relaxation classes such as yoga and meditation, strength based conditioning and finally cardio, one of each of which members should be participating in each week to bring balance into their lives. The Club comes with Sonos controlled music stations and the ability to pre-plan your sessions through an app, not to mention the six foot iPad that will provide you with your own individually tailored workout sessions.  


My Zone group heart rate monitoring equipment, licensed exclusively to the Club gives you real time feedback on your performance, allowing you to compete with other members or just challenge yourself that little bit more. With all the equipment based on the latest scientific research there’s no fads or gimmickry involved. Curved running machines in the Burn studio are a real crowd-puller, requiring no electricity and producing a much more natural running style, propelling you forward and engaging more muscle groups than the conventional machines. 

Club Tropicana isn’t the only place where the drinks are free..

Whilst the decor of the gym and its equipment provides the wow factor, Club Soulgenic well understands that the success of the venture is heavily reliant on great personal fitness coaches. Founder Glenda Rivollan explains, “some Soul Cycle instructors in LA are paid £500 a class because they are that good at motivating people. We aren’t going to that extent here but it demonstrates the importance of great staff and the value thats tied to the fitness industry and your personal health.” Glenda realises that great instructors are key to getting people coming back again and again. She has taken her hand-picked team over to the London gym scene to show them just how much can be achieved in the right environment, elevating their role much more than Jersey has ever seen before. 


Club Tropicana isn’t the only place where the drinks are free with Nude Food settling into the ground floor of the Club, serving up free coffee to founder members and preparing pre-ordered meals and smoothies to nourish their post-workout bodies. Owner Lucy Morris is excited to be expanding her health food business so soon. “We’ll be doing something a little different with the space, but saying true to what Nude is all about, serving up healthy food in front of people so they can see its preparation and what goes into their food.” If feeding your body the right fuel interests you more, you only need take a trip up the stairs to nutritionist Kit Chamier who knows the value of a good diet in maximising results for your workout routine. Kit shares the floor with a plethora of well being practitioners, including a masseur, chiropractor and physiotherapist. 


So what is the hype really all about? It’s about having a service that meets all your needs under the one roof and having these elements working in harmony with one another. Club Soulgenic will help you create the time for yourself, planning out all your holistic practices an offering you the ability to see the impact and results this will have on your mind, body and soul.


The Club may seem revolutionary to Jersey, but to Glenda, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. “We wanted to bring that LA gym vibe to Jersey, where people can come to relax as well as exercise. It’s a place of positive well being, that people want to hang out at because it has soul. Jersey is behind the curve in terms of the gym scene, but there’s no reason we cant be as innovative and inspiring as some of the London clubs. Club Soulgenic is just the start of what we hope will become a more global movement towards adopting an easy and manageable healthy lifestyle.” 

Find out more about Club Soulgenic by visiting their website here. 

Photography by John Liot Photography