Happy Little Tapper

I’ve decided that “wellbeing” must be the buzz word for 2017. In the last few months I’ve interviewed three people on the topic, attended a wellbeing seminar and even had my five year old introduced to the concept at his primary school! This popularity demonstrates an increased awareness that being healthy is so much more than just eating the right food and doing the odd bit of exercise; it encompasses mental health, taking time for yourself and embracing coping mechanisms for facing adversity and stress in today’s world. More importantly it also shows that the stigma associated with talking about subjects such as mental health is falling away and greater awareness is being raised on how it can impact our overall health. 

Wellbeing is about finding your individual path to happiness and how you sustain this in a changing world. One such path to embracing wellbeing is the Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping” as it’s more fondly known. A mechanism for coping with a multitude of sins including overeating, low self-esteem, phobias or just plain stress! It is a form of counselling which saved Georgina Noel and opened her eyes and mind to a different way of living, so much so that she has now forged a career from practising and teaching tapping to others. Up close and personal, she truly is an emotional tap dancer.

Recommended to her by a local chiropractor, tapping has taken Georgina out of a dark place and helped her cope with physical pain, depression and processing negative emotions which were swamping her life. “People don't know how to deal and process their emotions and part of my daily routine now involves accessing and assessing those emotions,” she explained. Feeling lost in her career, reeling from the death of a close friend and believing that she didn't fit in this world, tapping transformed Georgina’s life and gave her the ability to think she could achieve anything. And this she did, establishing her own wellbeing business founded on tapping which she administers through Skype sessions and to groups in workshops.

She poetically refers to tapping as the breath between feeling something and reacting to it in a healthy way. “Pain causes so much misunderstanding and the practice can help you process your emotions so that you don't bottle them up for a later outburst.” Described as a form of counselling that uses alternative medicine including neuro-linguistic programming and thought field therapy, it is thought that tapping on meridian points on the body causes a chemical reaction that releases energy blockages resulting in negative emotions. Similar to acupuncture but with no needles. Sound a little hippy dippy? Perhaps. But despite scepticism, Georgina is continually encouraged by the positive results she sees and wonders how anyone can cope without it!

Now floating in a bubble of self-contentment, Georgina uses her practice daily to find the best version of herself. The personification of positivity, her greatest joy comes from her workshops which allow others to tap into their body’s own healing powers rather than her one to one sessions. “The greatest feeling is to give someone the gift to help themselves.” Resisting the urge to heal my hidden pain during our interview Georgina teeters on the edge of psychoanalysis; gentle probing, raising an eyebrow here and there, desperate to unlock some hidden torment. She really is a questioning ninja!

Georgina’s story could have had a very different ending had she been prescribed anti-depressants or worse, had her symptoms gone unnoticed and untreated. It is a testament to local medical practitioners that this didn't happen and that alternative methods of therapy are now being recommended.  Georgina is now part of the movement spreading the wellbeing word; blogging, vlogging, holding workshops and hopefully popping up at a festival near you soon.  

Sometimes you need to break to find your way and and at other times you just need to tap into a different way of thinking. 

Learn how to open your mind and body with at www.georginanoel.com