The dawn of a new spa experience

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It is estimated that we are exposed to some 300 chemicals on a daily basis, many of which are hidden from us and remarkably hard to avoid. Many spas now provide all-natural and chemical free treatments, but few have gone as far as Greenhouse Spa & Fitness in offering their clients the ultimate ‘green’ spa experience. With the comfort that everything in the spa is as toxin free and green as they can possibly make it this wellness centre is not only good for your wellbeing, but good for the therapists that work there and less harmful to the environment. 

Dawn Carus co-owner of the spa

Dawn Carus co-owner of the spa

Nestled in the grounds of Chateaux Vermont, these healthy choices are made for you at Greenhouse Spa & Fitness, providing people with a superior spa experience that co-owner Dawn Carus hopes will become the norm in years to come. From the lockers to the afternoon tea, the treatments to the laundry, the spa makes a conscious decision to work with the greenest partners in order to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals wherever possible. It’s one thing to leave a spa feeling refreshed and relaxed, but now you can leave with a clear conscious to! 

Experienced in beauty therapy and spa management, Dawn recognised the need for a greener spa experience whilst working in America. So many of her clients came to her with allergies and intolerances due to exposure to harmful substances in their homes and through their food choices and beauty products. Battered by preservatives and chemicals, our bodies just aren’t built to cope with or process these toxins. “It wasn’t that Americans were any more advanced in combatting this lifestyle, rather it demonstrated a dire need to offer people a different option, a cleaner, greener option,” Dawn explained.

The spa has partnered with Wild Health who prepare their afternoon teas.

The spa has partnered with Wild Health who prepare their afternoon teas.

Greenhouse spa and fitness does not promote itself as a better way of life but looks to educate customers on what it is they are exposing their bodies too and offering up an alternative. For a seasoned therapist Dawn has had to make some hard choices when sticking to her moral high-ground, such as not bowing to pressure to offer gel manicures on the list of treatments. “The chemicals used in the process of gel manicures not only harm your nails over a long term period, but would expose my staff to a toxic environment on a regular basis. I want them to be protected as much as anyone visiting the spa.” It is estimated that 50% of regular gel users will suffer at some time from allergic contact dermatitis.

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Dawn would very much like to build upon what they have created at the spa, hosting wellness workshops and potentially being able to offer healthy cooking classes to give the full holistic experience. “We would like to help people make more informed choices to promote a healthier lifestyle that is better for them and our planet. Hopefully given this option people will start making these changes just as many have started doing with their diet.” Dawn herself has ditched perfume opting for essentials oils instead and uses natural products as part of her beauty regime. 

It is only natural that the spa attracts the best beauticians the Island has to offer, with such a strong focus on looking after their wellbeing as well as those of its clients. With unrivalled treatments and a strong and important message the spa is proving to be a huge success and perhaps more importantly is setting an example for other spas, and all businesses, to follow. Come to Greenhouse spa to relax your body whilst enriching your mind, it certainly is the full package. 


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