The Trinny treatment


I know very little about beauty and have no where near the confidence with make-up that I do with fashion to make bold, or even new choices. But that is probably a good reason to do a beauty post, because there will be so many out there who also have no idea where to start. I like make-up that is quick, easy and durable. I buy a lot of ‘one-pot’ items that just need to be smudged on quickly to work. If there was a spray can marked ‘LOOK AMAZING’ I would most certainly buy that! So when I listened to Trinny Woodall talk about her new make up range, Trinny London, it appeared to work on many levels for women like me and I was eager to try it out. 

With age I’ve learnt some tricks, that less is most definitely more and that highlighting and bronzer are god-sends for changing the shape of your face. Having make-up that comes in small sizes and which you can carry around in a pot greatly appealed to me as it is not only practical but is also more cost efficient. Who out there has ever actually managed to get to the bottom of a lipstick before it reaches the end of its shelf life or inevitably gets lost at the bottom of a handbag?


At Fenwick I was treated to the Trinny treatment where they talked me through the products and showed me what worked best on my skin and colouring. There is an on-line guide to the range called Match2Me which suggests those products that would compliment you, but like most things online, it is not an exact science. For those who are wary of new make-up like me, I also like to experience it first hand before committing to an investment. But the online facility is good to access your purchase history and as a record of what the consultant used on your skin that maybe you didn’t purchase at the time. 

The look is very much led by you - there was no ‘this is what works for you’ with a lot more ‘which do you prefer?’ Like fashion, beauty is an incredibly personal thing and you’re never going to convince someone to invest unless they feel confident in it. One of Trinny’s more popular products is the BFF Eye Serum, a mixture of concealer and hydrating vitamins to combat dark circles that is definitely worth the investment.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 17.35.28.png

The overall effect was certainly different from my usual look, it was more dewy and definitely brighter. I was surprised at how wearing even less than I normally would really worked for me. The products are incredibly lightweight so that you can use it sparingly for a little bit of coverage or build it up to a more dramatic look. My best buys of the range were Trinny’s Lip2Cheek pots - the colours are fantastic and so versatile with glosses, balms and more matte effects. Even with the strong colours which (I bought veebee) there’s the ability to wear just a little to build up the colour without creating a bold lip. They really lasted without needing topping up, but were not heavy or drying like some lipsticks. 


My beauty routine won’t solely consist of Trinny London (at a middle price point I probably couldn’t afford too), but there are definitely products I will be incorporating into my day-to-day look. With the ability to combine the small pots together in a neat stack for your handbag instead of a clunky make-up bag, Trinny Woodall certainly knows what women want which leaves me eagerly anticipating her new move. With any luck this will be stocking a range in one of our local stores! If her make up range can excite me, then there’s hope for the rest of us too! 

Check out the range of Trinny London here.