Why She's Winning: Lauren Carré


There isn’t much that phases Lauren Carré. A bundle of energy and enthusiasm, she is something of a chameleon when it comes to fitting herself comfortably into different surroundings. With a flair for the dramatic, and on a mission to conquer the female world of bodybuilding, how exactly do you faze the girl who appears to have all the moves?

Breakdancing, or breakin'/bboying as it’s more commonly referred to in the hip hop world is not about having natural strength, rhythm or style. Scott Mills, who runs classes through his group ‘Total Mayhem’, compares it to learning a foreign language where you slowly piece together your own style and form of self-expression. For someone not afraid to break the mould and challenging the ideas of feminine beauty, this was the perfect challenge.


“I feel like I was born to weight lift,” admits Lauren, who is quickly picking up recognition in the industry having only just started competing this year. She took first place in the Figure category and was awarded the Best Poser title at the recent Jersey Physical Culture Association Bodybuilding contest, and is attracting a large social media following from her distinctive poses and routines. “For me, bodybuilding is the perfect combination of sport, discipline and drama, as I get to train, be on stage and show my personality through my routine.”

Very much a try-athlete, there is little that Lauren hasn’t excelled at, winning world championship medals for karate, playing football at a high level and being named Sports Captain for her school. She confesses to throwing her heart and soul into every discipline completely. It’s this level of dedication and commitment that has made her shine in her role as PR/Marketing and Fundraising Manager at local charity Les Amis. “I just love the different personalities I encounter through the role, whether its residents, parents or corporate donors.” 


It may surprise you to learn that the bubbly bodybuilder was not always the picture of health she is today. “When I went to University I suddenly discovered all of life’s vices and didn’t do any exercise at all. On my return to Jersey I felt depressed and had a real lack of energy without sport in my life. It was like the worst break-up.” She was eventually coaxed to the gym to give weight lifting a try by a friend and was surprised how much she enjoyed the training and social environment of being at the gym.

“Now I find the more energy I exert, the move I have to give both through sport and in a working environment. Weight lifting really has given me a new lease of life.” Lauren is cautious that her journey remains one of health, carefully managing her diet and determined to promote a feminine image that is strong not skinny. “I’m pleased to be showing a different side to what it means to be beautiful and to help others realise that all body types are beautiful. It’s important that I play my part in breaking down stereotypes and encourage others to just throw themselves into those things they love and feel passionate about.”


At the end of our class Scott reminds us again that bboying is about breaking free and being yourself, his moto being ‘you don’t break to impress, you break to express.’ Despite being on pretty even ground with Lauren throughout the challenge, it somehow seems wrong to crown one of us a winner and against all that bboying stands for. But if we were looking at who was winning at life, hands down, you’d have to give it to Lauren. Against the odds, she is staying true to herself and her beliefs, whipping up a whole lot of attention for one of Jersey’s most deserving causes and passionately setting the stage for a new breed of female athlete in Jersey.  

To get involved with breaking' check out Total Mayhem's classes here.