Wise Words Bugs

When you're looking for a new path or an answer, it seems like everywhere you look someone has an opinion. Even this morning while watching telly with my 3 year old, Bugs Bunny was telling Porky Pig that "you spend a third of your life working, thats too long to do something you don't enjoy". Smart Wabbit. 

I've spent some time reading around this subject and talking to friends, which has actually been really enlightening. This interview with editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Joanna Coles on was my favorite for her perspective on how you need to be open to new things and how this translates to the social media environment - that you'll never find that answer by searching something you already know about - you need to stretch yourself. 

This definitely resonates with me from past experiences. Studying literature and art in University you were pushed to open yourself to new ideas and concepts, something which seems to have sadly slipped away after returning to the rock. Some of my favourite books and films are those I would never have willingly picked up to read or watch, which shows you really can never judge a book by its cover.

Similarly through my love of sport - some of my happiest times were picking up new sports or training for a new goal, learning things you never new were possibly about yourself.

I guess I've inadvertently stumbled upon my New Year's Resolution (a week or so late I admit) - to be open to crazy new ideas and to embrace the unexpected. It's so easy to become set in your ways as you grow older. 

#still learning #needtobeasmartbunny