Got a story to tell that you can't contain? Want it told in a unique way? Starting a business and want to get yourself noticed?

I'm always on the lookout for an interesting tale to tell that will enrich my life and inform my readers. I'm interested in how islanders are making their dreams come true and achieving the impossible against the odds. If you feel you would be a good fit for nineby5 please get in touch with me to find out more about how I could feature you on my blog completely free of charge.

As a freelance writer I'm also eager to help out on other projects, be it fashion, film, finance or frolics! With a strong editorial eye and a creative mind, I have lengthy technical experience in the corporate world writing website content, brochures and articles for financial publications. I have historically worked as a fashion and editorial journalist and you can find me featured in the pages of Gallery magazine and De Gruchy Seasons magazine amongst others! 

Nineby5’s blog reached a much wider audience than we could have achieved and following the post we have seen a surge in people joining our Facebook page and our runs. By writing so succinctly and capturing the essence of what we were about, members knew exactly what to expect and this helped them with the decision to join us.
— Laura Storey of Jersey Girls Can
I was amazed at the response we had to Nineby5’s blog, so many people came in not having heard of us, having read the article and keen to try our food. As well as doubling the views on our social media I also think it helped highlighting the personal side of the business and why I formed the company.
— Lucy Morris of Nude Food
Laura’s articles on Friendtex and the launch of Stella & Dot in the Channel Islands encapsulated the personality of both brands and helped me reach out to new customers in a fun and engaging way. She has an excellent turn of phrase and her articles hit just the right tone, showcasing the products in an aspirational way but without being overtly commercial - I was delighted with the positive feedback I received and would recommend Laura to other businesses hoping to achieve the same.
— Kathryn Filleul of By Beautiful Things